Tuesday, September 6, 2011

High Waist Shorts

When I was seven years old, I wrote a short monologue about high waist bottoms.  Here is a passage from said monologue, verbatim:  "Why do old women wear their pants up to their chests?  There's a reason man invented the bra and the low rise jean.  Never will I ever wear high waist... anything!"  Many years later, I apologize to my former self.  I caved, and now sport the high waist denim short on a regular basis.  Yes, I'll admit, I love my high waist denim!

Levis tie dye shorts
Studded Levis

I highly recommend the following sites for your high waist shorts; these specialize in studded, tie dye, and simple denim shorts:

The high waist denim short adds a hipster chic flare to any look, and, when paired with bootlets, looks casually cool.  The key to achieving this vibe is this: purchase a perfectly fitting pair of high waist denim... there's no faking the fit of these!  Then, mix and match long necklaces, crop tops, sling purses and tight fitting tops to change up the look.  


  1. wow those first shorts are amazing


  2. Great shorts !