Thursday, August 25, 2011

Effortlessly Cool in Leggings

Leggings cater to my current occupation: lazy college theatre major.  The majority of my classes are movement based, and require comfortable leg- wear (i.e: jeggings, leggings, sweatpants).  Commonly, students wear simple black leggings.  I take a more eclectic approach, sporting a variety of multi- colored, glittery, and patterned leggings.  I purchase   my leggings from the American Apparel factory store, at a reduced rate.
Just recently, while browsing, I discovered the pink galaxy leggings (pictured at left).  Warning: These leggings are pricey ($78.56).  However, if you live in leggings, (wear them to class, then style then for a night out,) I highly recommend the galaxy print and additional patterns at  You are sure to make a statement in these incredible, chic, and spunky patterned leggings!!! 

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